We amplify funds that focus on
new technologies and trends.

As a fund investment partner, we invest in funds that focus on promising new business models and trends. In Belgium, as well as abroad. We work with professional fund managers to find the most relevant funding opportunities. Our scope? Technologies, industries, and projects that are close to our hearts. Or more specifically: B2B software, consumer tech, sustainability and disruptive business models. It’s a conscious choice, now more than ever. Because it means we are investing in companies, startups and innovations that make a real difference. Even if it’s just indirectly.

Smart and pioneering

Funds that get in on the first round of financing of innovative startups in industries like consumer tech, software-as-a-service, sustainability and real estate. That’s what we are looking for. Why? Because we want to invest our capital in companies that make a real difference. And while we mainly invest in European funds, we are just as open to international ones.

We only work with fund managers who share our values and invest in initiatives that are easy to understand and to scale. In addition, we join forces to spot companies that can be of greater interest to us. Where there’s an opportunity for direct investment. Complementary to Alinso Group, Dovesco is investing in real estate funds and projects such as retail warehousing, student homes and residential.


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