We back mature businesses
for the long run.

As a core equity partner, we invest in solid companies with a long-term growth mindset that share similar values. Our mission is to be a committed reference shareholder that supports great companies in realizing their full potential. What does that mean? We focus on the long term, knowing that building leading companies takes time. We believe in benchmarking against the very best competitors while striving to be best-in-class and achieve leadership. We set out the strategic direction, bring in experienced partners with relevant expertise and support and coach the CEO. All with one thing in mind: growing in a sustainable way.

About DOMO

The global producer of TECHNYL®

Domo produces cutting-edge engineering materials and sustainable plastics solutions. TECHNYL® being one of them. It’s a forward-thinking company that’s set on changing the future of polyamides, all while putting sustainability, innovation and the well-being of their employees and society at the heart of their business. Their goal is clear: creating value for customers and building a better world for future generations.

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About Alinso

All-round professional real estate partner

Alinso Group was founded in 2007 and has been part of our portfolio since the beginning. Alinso has created its expertise in investing and (re)developing company housing (industrial & logistics, R&D and offices) and manages its own portfolio with a team of experts. Geographically active in Belgium and Romania, Alinso is your reliable partner for the further growth of your business.

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