We boost ambitious businesses
with smart investments.

As a private equity partner, we invest mindfully. We only support companies and people we believe in. We work side by side with entrepreneurs and management teams to achieve their goals and grow their companies. Because that’s how you create sustainable added value for all partners involved.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy playbook

Working together as partners

We work closely with entrepreneurs and management teams supporting your ambitions. We act as sparring partners, use the full width of our network, or offer more hands, with operational support when needed.

Creating sustainable value

We help you strengthen and build your company in a responsible and sustainable way prioritizing long term value creation over short term gains. We foster a culture that benefits all stakeholders involved.

A flexibele mindset

We have a permanent capital basis. This gives us the flexibility to provide follow-on capital beyond the impediments of classic private equity. Our flexible mindset allows us to fully adapt to the distinct business environment in which your business operates.

Shared ownership and passion for growth

Although we set the same level of ambition for every company we invest in, your business will never be one of many investments. Because we are equity partners in the most committed sense of the word. Fully involved. Not afraid to take risks. The people across the table are the people who take the decisions.


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