These are our core values

They are our true guiding principles, they are what drives us, they represent our deepest beliefs, our vision and the way we want to do business.


Integrity and Transparency

We show and promote a commitment to integrity and ethics. We believe in an inherently transparent, honest and candid way of doing business. This implies true and open communication, sharing best practices, and accountability. We are loyal and show respect and integrity in the way we handle our stakeholders. In our vision, integrity and transparency are the core values everything else is based on.


Passion and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We are passionate about our businesses. We expect our partners to be entrepreneurial. We truly appreciate and encourage them to continuously keep searching for new ways to pioneer, innovate and differentiate. We are pro-active and we want to stay ahead of the competition. We believe that passionate entrepreneurs create inspiring and fun working environments, and opportunities. Therefore we promote an energizing environment and a positive, optimistic way of doing business.


Customer orientation and service

Ultimately, customer service and satisfaction is our highest aim. We seek the best creative and innovative solutions and we show pride in serving our business partners and our customers with the highest level of service and collaboration. We create value for our clients by going the extra mile.


Responsibility and Ownership

We act as responsible and committed owners. We take responsibility for both failure and success. We believe in teamwork, not in one-man shows. We are responsible and prudent in the way we handle our assets, finance and means. We make people feel valued and appreciated. We promote professional governance and we make the tough calls if necessary. We keep our promises and commitments made to others and we accept personal accountability for our actions and results.


Hands-on and no nonsense culture

Our attitude is ‘can do’ and positive. We thrive to get the job done. We seek and provide honest and direct feedback. We continuously learn from success and mistakes in equal measure. We seek to continuously simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities. We distinguish ourselves through a pragmatic, hands-on approach. We think before we act. We are pro-active and take pride in the speed at which we execute things.

If your values and your way of doing business reflect these D.I.G. guiding principles, then we are interested in becoming your trusted partner for growth.

Have a look at our portfolio
  • Aerosleep
  • Belbal
  • Euroglas-De Landtsheer
    Euroglas-De Landtsheer
  • Flying Alliance
    Flying Alliance
  • frigilunch
  • Jims
  • Labophar
  • LS Bedding
    LS Bedding
  • Power Solutions
    Power Solutions
  • Sports & Leisure Group
    Sports & Leisure Group
  • Vivaldis
  • “Dovesco is helping us to establish our expansion strategy at an elevated pace. As a result, we are able to invest strategically in innovation and marketing and to grow faster at the heart of our core markets.” Steven Vanbelle,
    Managing Director Aerosleep
  • "Dovesco's reputation and hands-on assistance have helped us to raise the necessary support to acquire a strong, global company. As a result, we can now immediately focus on further international growth." Bart Van Nuffel & Jérôme Leclef, Managing Directors, Belbal
  • "With Labophar we combine best of both worlds of health care. Together with Dovesco, the doctors of EFAS and pharmacists of LabArt combine their strenghts to enrich both brands to a national and international success." Bram van Peteghem, gedelegeerd bestuurder, Labophar
  • "A family based capital provider like Dovesco enables us to react swiftly and efficiently to market circumstances and not compromise on our long-term vision. Their industrial history gives them an insight second-to none into an entrepreneurs needs." Anthony Botelberge,
    Managing Director Frigilunch
  • "Dovesco is effectively helping us to realize a triple growth over three years. Their vast experience as entrepreneurs results in a uniquely supportive and constructive way partnership." Francis Ottevaere,
    Managing Director Jims
  • "Dovesco provides us with the structure, support and comfort so that we can focus entirely on our business process." John Penninck,
    Managing Director Sports & Leisure Group
  • “Power Solutions stands for creative uses of power sources. The support of Dovesco allows us to apply our creativity internationally." Arnold Oostveen,
    CEO Power Solutions
Have a look at our team
Have a look at our team