An investment company with industrial roots dating back to 1959.

Dovesco was built on the industrial foundations of Domo Group, a leading vertically integrated flooring company that spun off from Beaulieu. Since 2010, Domo Group has gradually evolved into a solid, diversified investment company with three complementary investment strategies. The one thing that never changed, is our aspiration to create sustainable value.


The next chapter

The Domo Investment Group becomes Dovesco. What once was a private equity company has evolved into a full-fledged investment company. Our activities are now centered around three investment strategies: private equity, fund investments, and core equity.


The Domo Investment Group is born

Domo's investment ambitions to create a diversified group of businesses are taking shape. They are united in Domo Investment Group and Dovesco was founded to do direct private equity investments.


Kill your darlings

With the sale to Balta, Domo says goodbye to its floor covering activities. It’s the next step towards becoming a more all-round company.


From industrial company to holding company

2006 marks the start of the group’s transformation from an industrial firm into a holding company. Its focus? The chemical industry, real estate and floor covering.


Our first step

Domo Group of Companies acquires Caproleuna, a chemical company based in Germany.


The very beginning: carpets

Domo Group of Companies was founded in 1992. Our core activity back then? Manufacturing carpets, vinyl, and polymers.