October 13, 2022

The next chapter: Domo Investment Group becomes Dovesco

It’s with great pride we are introducing a fresh identity and a brand-new website. However, it’s more than just a new look. It’s the start of the next chapter. An expression of our ambition. And above all: a statement to the outside world. We are no longer just a private equity firm. We have evolved into a full-fledged investment company.

“This is not a revolution, it’s a natural evolution. We are entrepreneurs at heart. So, we don't want to simply protect what the generations before us have built. We want to keep innovating. Stay ahead. And this rebranding expresses our ambition.” - Gregory De Clerck, CEO Dovesco

Never change a winning team.

Dovesco unites three business clusters already present within the group today: the investment group itself, real estate company Alinso and chemical company Domo Chemicals. The goal? To learn from, inspire and strengthen each other in the long run. With entrepreneurship at the heart of it.

One company. One location.

The new brand doesn’t just unify the companies on paper. It does so in reality as well. Or at least, it will once they take up residence together next year. The location? The place where Domo Chemicals built its first and oldest factory: the poly tower. It’s a symbolic location that harbours an important piece of our history. And now, it’s a part of our future as well.

A hub for innovation and co-creation

The historical site will house Dovesco’s offices, as well as a bar and restaurant welcoming employees and locals. But our hospitality doesn’t end there. Multiple floors will be rented out to dynamic, young companies at the beginning of their growth story. From office and events spaces to workshops, lectures and ideation sprints, there’s room for starting entrepreneurs to thrive and grow. We are set on turning our new headquarters into a hub for innovation and co-creation. A vision that matches our company’s way of working seamlessly. We want to build and grow promising businesses. Sustainably and profoundly. Real added value, that’s we are after. And that’s what this next chapter in our story is all about.